Neude 11

Neude 11 is the platform of the Utrecht Public Library for renting out halls, spaces and rooms for events, meetings, conferences and the likes. Because it is so different in its nature from all other activities the the library has, it could really do with an identity of its own. 


We needed to show that the Library is a very much a contemporary and flexible location, even though it is a 100 year old old building. It’s located in the city center and has all the best facilities. We wanted to emphasize the history of the building, a magnificent national monument built in the ‘Amsterdamse School’ stijl. Also there has to be some hints that Utrecht Public Library is the initiator of this effort.


The logo is a throwback to 1920’s typography. In fact it is made up of the lettering that is used within the building and was digitalized by Stichting They are very strong, powerful and quite heavy characters and they made an excellent starting point for all the graphic elements used for designing matters. Color wise, we wanted to make things a bit more contemporary, by using the color scheme of the Utrecht Public Library’s corporate identity and adding some ‘pazazz’ to those colors.

Project team and contributors

Strategy René Maas – Utrecht Public Library
Concept and design Mick.Studio
Logo typography Stichting

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