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Brighthives helps socially involved organizations to increase their impact by advising and implementing positive change. They don’t make things complicated when it concerns complex matters. As their company grows and their name gets more and more out there, they needed their identity to join in on that curve.

Desired outcome

In a couple of sessions we decided what the desired outcome was. Everyone was included in the process of decision making, which is not always a good idea, but in this case it worked out great. It was important to hear all opinions, because of the inherent paradox within the personality of the brand. Yes, it’s forward thinking, modern, flexible and scalable, but they also didn’t wanted to come across as a bunch of young wildlings. This is the story that needed to be told in the new visual identity.


Brighthives’ attitude has been included in the design of the corporate identity. The two worlds, classic and forward meet through fresh and flashy use of color, in combination with a more classic typography. The logo shows a line that is cut in half, depicting these two ‘extremes’. It is sharp and edgy, where it is supported by softer round shapes and gradients. 

Project team and contributors

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