Heins vitrines

Heins hand builds showcases and wall-mounted cabinets for collections, such as miniature trains, -trucks and -cars and also thimbles, Zippo lighters, Smurfs, shot glasses and egg cups. The build is of a very high standard, as the collectors demand high quality.

Our destination

To underline the quality of the product and to also showcase that Heinz has a clear understanding and notion of this target group, he needed a graphic identity. So we had to uncover Heinz’s work, the ethics and esthetics, the material and so forth, but also we had to look into the collectors.

The result of our journey

We ended up with a logo mark that refers to the wood type (multiplex) that is the basis of the builds. It’s layers of wood sheets stacked and glued, which make for a strong basis. In the wall-mounted cabinets for trains, Heins makes arched gates or tunnels, so the trains can be longer than the cabinet module. All this resulted in a very prominent capital ‘H’, accompanied by bold type. For the concept posters were made depicting the collectors, who absolutely know what they are doing is a bit quirky. The copy reads ‘for all completely derailed collections’, which of course refers to the miniatures themselves.

Project team and contributors

Concept and design
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