Let’s create something great!

We meet and introduce ourselves

Off to a great start. Always happy to meet new people and clients. This stage is to find out if we’re a match made in heaven, or may be we should consider seeing other people.

Quick scan session

Right, let’s go create something great! During one or two sessions you get asked a bunch of questions to uncover the foundation on which your organization is built. You may or may not have a lot of answers to what your vision, mission, purpose and identity as a brand or organization are. Sometimes you find out new things about yourself. It also helps to get a lot of information about how you wish to be perceived by your audience.

Design concept

The information gathered in the previous step is the fuel for this phase of the project. You will get a lot of previews, sketches and mock ups. This helps to work out if the design fits your organizations desires, goals and ‘taste’. Logo design, typography, color scheme, tone of voice, graphic language and assets all do a little dance together.

Design guidelines

Once the dust settles and everything is clear we draw up the brand guidelines. Meaning you get a set of guide lines to help you work with your logo, color sets, etc.
As corporate identities are ever evolving, there’s no rigid set of rules, just guidelines. From here on more greatness can be made.

From here on …

Now we can crack on, creating more output. A lot of ideas have been made during the design phase, it’s time to put these ideas out there for real.

Digital / web design

Communication concepts and design for online and offline purposes.

Let’s make something great!

Companies, brands and agencies, get in touch and let’s talk about your project.