Mozaik ai agency help companies define, design and develop groundbreaking AI. Which means that they show companies what they can actually do with all the data that they have on a strategic level. In other words, they show you how to navigate the world of AI. Startup grit, yes, but with over two decades of experience in data and technology under their belt. 

Project aim

We had to figure out a proper name first. Once we got that down the second task was to create a visual identity, which should be a mixture between modern and classic. It had to show the energy of a startup, but the class and authority of a seasoned company.


We came up with a name that embodies the nature of data-clutter. Like a mosaic data is a huge pile of ‘shards’, and only when you put them in the right ‘order’, you can reveal an image. It houses the letter combination ‘ai’ in the middle of the word, which is the solution to organize this clutter into something useful. On with creating a visual identity, which is a mixture between modern and classic with an enormous potential in the use of shapes and forms. The color palette is a mixture of fresh and open colors, mixed with a more classic green. Experience meets energy.

Project team and contributors

Naming Mick.Studio & Vincent Hoogsteder
Web development Bob jansen

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