DIRECT klantcontact

DIRECT klantcontact is a customer service helpdesk for small and large companies in the technical- and installation sector. Imagine being stuck in an elevator in the middle of the night, who you gonna call? That’s right. DIRECT take away the burden of customer service through telephone contact and social channels for installation businesses, so they can focus on what they do best; their job.

The project’s aim

From the get go it was clear that DIRECT is not a typical corporate player. They needed a freshen up. Apart from their appearance to their client base, there was a strong focus on recruitment for their telephone lines. The delpdesk-world has a high employee turnover, which is a big problem. So there is some employer-branding going on here. Let’s show the world that DIRECT is a colorful, positive and dynamic workplace, where there’s opportunities for everyone to thrive and grow as a person and professional. 


What DIRECT went with is a very colorful and dynamic graphic identity. Very colorful, a lot of forward energy. They got a system of colors and shapes which they implemented with a lot of enthusiasm throughout the entire company and communication. 

Project team and contributors

Client Wolf Van Haeren – DIRECT klantcontact
Web development Daisy van Zwam – Van Zwam media

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